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How Do I Pass This Course?

How Long Am I Given to Complete Courses?

What Do I Do If I Have Questions?

How Long Does This Course Take To Complete?

Is My Registration Information Encrypted and Protected by SSL Secure Socket Layer Technology?

When I Register Why Do I Have To Give My Social Security #?

Should I Wait For A Study Guide To Arrive Before Starting The Course?

What Are The System Requirements To Take The Course?

How Do I Apply For My License?

Absolutely. Classes for Pre-Licensing meet all of Florida's requirements for getting your Certificate of Completion, which enables you to get your license.

You must receive a 70% on end of chapter quizzes and then must get a 70% on your class final. You can retake quizzes as many times as your wish.

You have 90 Days to complete the course. You can pay for an extension

A 40 hour course can be done is 40 hours or less depending on how fast you learn.

You can contact an experienced instructor with all your questions.

Yes, your personal information is protected by 256-Bit Encryption for your security.

You can use any browser and any computer Mac or PC.

We recommend that you start right away.  The beginning of the course is introductory.

First you need to complete the approved course. 2) Receive your Certificate of Completion and mail it along with your license application to the State with your fingerprints.

Is This Course Approved By The Florida Dept Of Financial Services.

The Department of Financial Services requires this information for us to submit your Certificate Of Completion to them. Your data is protected by SSL encryption

4-40 License FAQ